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The purpose of my living here in Oued El-Ouliya is, in short, to research the impact of the recent
reform (2004) of the Family Code (or the Moudawana) on people’s lives through interviews,
discussions with both women and men and basically through being a “participant observant” -
ethnographer. The Family Code is a code that deals with everything [...]

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Objavljeno: 23.11.2009 ob 16:49 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

The bell rang during our breakfast. It was a neighbor asking me to read medicine instructions which were in English and she couldn’t understand. Her child was in pain and she gave him Zyndol, a strong painkiller which shouldn’t be taken without doctor’s supervision as the effect of taking it is similar to smoking [...]

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Objavljeno: 10.11.2009 ob 11:45 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

It was Friday early morning and people were already gathering at the main road. King Mohammed VI was visiting two ksour near by, which, according to people, was his first such visit to this area. King’s photos were displayed everywhere, Moroccan flags hung from all official buildings and polls along the road, and [...]

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