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First of all I apologize if with this blog I will inadvertently hurt somebody’s feelings but read this on and perhaps you’ll forgive me…
There is something really annoying about religious people’s quest to convert areligious people or people of other religions into their religion – be it Christians or Muslims. I find the latter in [...]

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Objavljeno: 12.04.2008 ob 14:29 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

It’s a rainy day today in Rabat and I have to say I’ve enjoyed this rain immensely. True, I always complain about Britain’s gloomy weather but here after a month and a half of mostly cloudless skies and days this rain feels good. It is also an excuse for me not to frantically run around [...]

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Objavljeno: 11.04.2008 ob 14:05 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

I find Morocco an extremely interesting country. This interest began when I was taking the course ‘North African Politics’ and I was slowly drifting towards Morocco and leaving Tunisia and Algeria on the side. Then I came here for the first time over winter break in 2006/07 and that was it – my research interests [...]

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