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I will allow myself a bit of cultural insensitivity…though call it what you want I’ve had enough and I will allow myself to be politically very incorrect and I will allow myself to over-generalize. So the title of this blog could as well be called ‘Arab men’…as they all seem to be following the same [...]

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Fridays in
Morocco (as elsewhere in the Arab and Muslim world) are mosque days, when the Imam has a big khutba which is like a Sunday sermon in Christian churches. In most of the Middle East Friday is the first day of the weekend – though not in Morocco which I guess in this respect (as [...]

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I hear from other students at the Institute that their Moroccan host families are great though I would like to think that none of them has a host family as great as I do. My family is a family of six but only four live at home. Lalla Karima is my Moroccan mother. She truly [...]

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