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Trenutno pregledujete objave najdene v Oktober2007

I got a bit spoiled ever since I moved to England. Spoiled with the fact that majority of people know about Slovenia. I’m not making this up but I was kind of amazed by all these people here that have heard about Slovenia, have been there (‘OMG, I loooved Lubiana, and that lake…how is called…Bled [...]

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Objavljeno: 18.10.2007 ob 21:12 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

I’ve had miserable birthdays, happy ones, OK ones. But it always felt like something was missing. I think my problem was that I always expected something insanely important or mind-blowing would happen on my birthday without really knowing what this mind-blowing event would actually be or entail. I know this sounds bizarre and perhaps very [...]

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Objavljeno: 14.10.2007 ob 20:23 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

There are four stories that struck me most in the previous days. About two weeks ago a part of Slovenia experienced a downpour that no one dared to imagine even in her/his most frightening nightmare, let alone predict it. In the matter of a couple of hours several people died and huge damage was caused [...]

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Objavljeno: 4.10.2007 ob 23:36 - Komentiranje onemogočeno