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Trenutno pregledujete objave najdene v Marec2007

I am home. And happy. I arrived during the snowstorm, which happened a day or two before the official beginning of spring. All the flowers that this year’s warm winter left confused and wondering ‘what’s up’ died under the heavy weight of snow. But, the view over the expansive white ‘rugs’ was stunning. Three days [...]

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Objavljeno: 23.03.2007 ob 20:19 - Število komentarjev » 1

I have been working in a restaurant called the Porters for almost a year now. It’s one of those rare locally-owned places that serves good food for good prices. I usually work twice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I do like it there. My boss Jon is cool and so are my co-workers, though [...]

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Objavljeno: 13.03.2007 ob 21:40 - Število komentarjev » 1

Something really bizarre happened two days ago. My flatmate was taking a shower when she saw a man’s hand holding a camera on our bathroom window probably trying to take pics of her or any other girl in our house (there are 5 at the moment) naked. Now, what kind of a pervert climbs on [...]

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Objavljeno: 7.03.2007 ob 22:09 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

Today was our last dabkeh performance of the semester. We danced at the event called Taste of Palestine. It was a charitable event, organized by different Solidarity clubs of Oxford. It’s aim is to bring a group of children from the refugee camp in Ramallah to Oxford this summer. We danced for them and for [...]

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