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Trenutno pregledujete objave najdene v Januar2007

I borrowed the title of today’s blog from the lecture I have just returned from. The full title of it was ‘America, Islam and the War of Ideas’. The gist of it was to show how different perspectives are between the American media point of view and of the Arab one. The lecture tied well [...]

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Objavljeno: 30.01.2007 ob 00:27 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

I wanted to write about something else this morning but then I went to the Oriental Institute and I briefly met a colleague of mine and he gave me some food for thought. It’s something that I can’t quite get used to here in England and today my encounter kind of proved what I feared [...]

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Objavljeno: 23.01.2007 ob 00:03 - Število komentarjev » 1

Why is it that when it comes to military spending governments always find money in their state budgets but when it comes to higher education the only solution is raising tuition fees? And why is the American model of higher education always presented as an ideal model all countries should strive for? I read in [...]

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Objavljeno: 18.01.2007 ob 23:28 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

Hm…I have been back since last Wednesday but my room is still a mess, the papers have not been filed, books lie all over my small room, and so do newspapers and Arabic homework. I did manage to write a ton of follow-up emails for my research and submit my DPhil application. I consider this [...]

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Objavljeno: 15.01.2007 ob 23:05 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

A couple of days ago Khalil, one of the former students of my thesis supervisor Michael Willis, asked me and Derek over coffee, what we think of Morocco and what sets this country apart from the countries we have visited so far. We replied that we have noticed that Moroccans are not just nice to [...]

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Objavljeno: 8.01.2007 ob 20:22 - Komentiranje onemogočeno

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and I hope this New Year (and all that will follow) will bring you nothing but happiness and joy. I also hope this blog finds you healthy and successful wherever you are.

Derek and I left
Rabat on Friday and it was a bit hard. Our hotel manager Latif felt genuinely [...]

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